New Beginnings has been working to bring the community the first nursery in Kankakee county! We started this project spring of 2016, and hope to finish for this year's kitten season. We have run into a few bumps along the road, such as having to add a new leach field to handle the extra water load, but we are working hard to finish this nursery as soon as possible. We were able to take an existing building on our property and completely remodel it and the results have been astonishing so far,
The kitten nursery will be a vital part of the community and is among the most progressive programs being used to save the lives of community cats. New Beginnings is working hard to reduce the number of cats who are killed in Illinois each year. The kitten nursery is just one of the many programs New Beginnings is working on to achieve this goal.
The nursery will have 3 separate rooms to be able to handle neonates, juvenile's and will also have a mommy and me room for pregnant or nursing moms. The nursery is in a separate building from our adult cats to keep the transfer of germs and disease at bay. Neonates and juveniles are at risk in the general population often catching Upper Respiratory Infections. The nursery will provide a comfortable and safe place for the kittens to grow until they are ready for adoption.
We have hired contractors to do the plumbing and electric, and volunteers have put in hundreds of hours to do the flooring, windows, doors and walls. There is still much to be done so we can be ready for Kitten Season this year!
Things we still need are:
Water heater
Washer and Dryer
Utility sink 
Monetary Donations are also much appreciated. You can donate right here on our website.
There is also some labor that needs to be done such as putting down flooring and hanging doors.
Please consider donating or volunteering to help us get the nursery off the ground for this coming Spring! 
 Check out more photos in the photo gallery! Just hover over The New Nursery.
 Thank you for helping us help the kitties!