The Main Shelter

This is the heart of New Beginnings. Here is where you will find our general population. The cats here have mainly free roam. We have many human visitors here. We welcome people to come chat with the staff and pet the cats. We have 7 larger rooms our cats stay in until they find their forever home. All the rooms have access to an outdoor area where they can play in the sunshine and hunt birdies. No worries, cats, and birdies are safe due to the special fencing that surrounds them keeping everyone free from danger.

The staff and volunteers are undeniably devoted to the cats and kittens. They work tirelessly to make sure our felines are clean, healthy and fed. Many volunteer countless hours to assure the cats want for nothing. When you ask the simple question “Why do you do it?” for them the answer is easy, “The look of appreciation in their eyes keeps me coming back!”

 Please, check out our new nursery coming spring of 2017

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