The Barn

At New Beginnings we also have a barn just for the kitties who prefer an outdoor setting! Some of the kitties we take in are a tad bit on the wild side, and they start out here. With patience, a lot of love, and some understanding several of these guys tame down and are able to find their forever home. Our volunteers, along with Harry work religiously with these kitties and the outcome is exceptional! They take the time to befriend these guys and turn them into loving lap kitties. In the winter months, they have heat lamps to keep them warm and toasty. They also have access to a play yard outside with special fencing, so they can play in the sunshine without danger or fear. Your donation dollars touch so many lives, not only do they help the kitties in the main shelter they also help to keep these babies safe from harm.

Sharon Suddick
Wally Karsiewicz
Tom Suetz

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