Just a few of the special needs cats in need of your sponsorship. Please consider sponsorship it saves lives!
If you choose to sponsor one of our adoptable cats, for only $25 you will receive a photo and updates on your sponsored cat, along with any history and notice when your cat gets adopted via email. Your donation will help provide food, socialization and necessary medical care to your sponsored cat.
If you choose to sponsor one of our special needs cats for a few dollars a month you can make an enormous difference in his or her life! Our special needs cats typically live their life out with us, with very little hope of adoption. We encourage you to consider sponsoring one of these guys with a monthly donation. We will add your name next to your cat's picture in his or hers room. We will also, send you a photo along with your cat's history. You will get updates on your cat's status and any medical treatments he/she needs.
To find an adoptable cat to sponsor, we encourage you to look on Petfinder for one or even a few of our cats to sponsor. 
We will be adding special needs cats to sponsor on this page and also on Facebook, if you would like to start sponsoring now, you can visit our special needs shelter or feel free to call us so we can match you to your special cat!
 Once you have found the cat you wish to sponsor its easy, go to our donation page and pick the amount you would like to donate, then decide if you would like this to be monthly or a one-time donation, then put in the name of your cat(s) in the message box.
You will receive all your cats information along with a picture via email! It is that easy! 

We encourage you to come and visit your sponsored kitty!