Pam and Harry Carpenter married in Dec 1981 bringing into the marriage a lifelong love for all animals, especially cats. They both sat on the board of directors for Kankakee humane foundation and when Pam retired from her social work in 2002, they searched for the perfect land to create their own shelter. In 2005, they found it and here they have created a country setting where they built the shelter and their lives. New Beginning’s shelter has created a unique home-like environment where kitties are able to free roam, only caged if medically necessary. They have access to the outdoors in large runs where they can watch wildlife, breathe fresh air and sun themselves. Inside there are many comfortable beds, toys, and scratchers for play.

With New Beginning’s quickly becoming a welcomed part of the community, Harry saw the need for a special needs facility for FIV+ and Leukemia + cats.Without regret, Harry quickly auctioned off the antiques from his store and turned this space into a special needs shelter for these guys to live out their lives. New Beginnings is one of the few shelters in the country who take FIV/FELuk cats.

On the grounds along with the main shelter and home is a barn specifically for cats that are feral or just simply prefer to live in the barn. This is 2 stories of pure paradise for cats, in there you will find tons of space to run and hide, climb and jump. The kitties stay warm in the winter with heated lamps and can go outside in the summer into a maze of trees and plants. The play area is surrounded by special fencing designed to keep them in.

In 2010 Pam and Harry even graciously accepted Momence Chamber of Commerce Business leaders of the year award.

The Carpenters have stepped in and gave life to a place where tortured, neglected and severely injured cats could call home. They take in many cats that no one else will help. A place where every cat absolutely gets a NEW BEGINNING.