Harry’s House

Shortly after opening the main shelter Harry’s house was born. Realizing the need for a place to care for special needs cats, Harry sold all of his antiques and this place quickly became what’s known as “Harry’s House”

Harry quickly became aware that cats with FIV/FeLuk usually were put down. Pam and Harry’s principles would not allow for this.

Cats with FIV and FeLuk can live long and healthy lives. They don’t require any special medications. In fact some people have FIV cats and cats without FIV housed together. It is transmitted through a deep bite, and if you take away the reason for fighting, such as enough food you take away the reason for fighting. Tasha one of Harry’s cats had leukemia and lived to be 9 years old.

There is no reason to put these cats down they too can live a long life, with very little extra care. All you need is a watchful eye.

One important thing to remember is neither of these feline diseases is contagious to humans!

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